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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Number 9. Free verse

We don't seat and stare
We make stir fry
China shops, fortune cookies

In the kitchen,  
Where we at, where we from
Hot weather, GH

Up from the VA
Mixed with the GA
Numbered named 9, colour code red 

Dress pressed 
Wrapped around waist
To impress, on beats played
Beads worn, sing songs, 
Hands moves, dance moves

I is, we are Volta, rhythm
Rivers flow hydro
I am electric, statics

That is VA, who I am, who that is 
It's a bird, it's a plane
You know the rest

My words, truth like
The scripture, it gets you
You thinking, first time ever to

We gifted endless, one man thousand 
We're rivers of Volta, aqua's flow
But you can call me Dillinger 

Renegade Eli
I am with the book of verses
The last one left, 
its  scriptures, wisdom 

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