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Friday, 28 January 2011

Silence Winds

Shared with: http://onesingleimpression.blogspot.com/

Today, these days, the air feels thin
A change nears, the silence is deafening
Words are not spoken, the evening seems close by

For there is no word 
That can carry such sensing 
To describe in true magnitude of what lingers

But no one says, so even in distance lands 
Where once enemies were made of one 
Old friends sits with apprehension

What are we to do, when the time comes
What are we to say, in time passing
Yet we know, we are only mortal 

And the only immortality that can be offered 
Is by name, the body is fragile, this body is weak 
But this is a giant in the forest, a silver back

So we will all notice his absence
Yet he is only mortal,
So we seat in silence, wary

For no word is strong enough 
To carry emotions felt 
To relive the soul of such burden

Of this apprehension, in sadness 
The lonely heart feels
Even before giants fall, 

Rivers of tears, that runs deep in souls
Know they will soon be called upon
To rain down, on the sight of man, in last rights

But for now we hold on
This is our fight with mortality
This is our fight to keep our grandfathers


  1. This poem really speaks to me. Mandela is one of my hero's - he is the whole world's hero, I think, because he showed the very best a man can be in difficult circumstances.He never surrendered his dignity. Thanks for writing this poem to honor him.

  2. Ths poem really is from the heart. Mandela was a great fighter
    look at this site for a competition

  3. All these fights we fight ... in the name of the name. Enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing. Happy Potluck!

  4. I really love this stanza:
    'What are we to do, when the time comes
    What are we to say, in time passing
    Yet we know, we are only mortal'
    The whole poem is so bittersweet, made me think about how fragile we all are and how little time we are given on the Earth... Awesome work! ;)


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