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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Make A Move Son

So here we are, coin tossed in the air
Between genesis and revelation 
Asked to make a statement 

Show your intent, state your course 
What would be your path, your faith
Are you a right winger or for the left wing 

Some say, 
Destiny is the environment we grow in
We are the air we breath

Peer pressure is the defining attributes of society 
One way or the other, we all get involved
In communal spirit, for better or for worse 

Caught between genesis and revelation
Asked to make a stand, no one remains neutral
Not even the Swiss, you either swim or sink

What will it be
Tilting weights do sway, make a move son 
To the left or to the right, you decide 


  1. Inactivity is so easy...choosing and sticking to the choice made can seem like an overwhelming and undesirable task. That is until someone makes or takes those choices away...Love the picture and your take on the subject...

  2. "Between genesis and revelation"

    That's an awesome line!


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