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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A little Bird tells me

Where do all the small birds go in winter
Surely they can't have gone so far
On tiny feathers, winds gust 

Miss them, yes
Harmless little 
Beautiful colours, 
Sing songs and that

Miss them not, 
Not for my car is now dung free.
White  moist splatter,
Black dot left in abstract

If this doesn't make sense
To the wise that be
Don't worry it's 5am

And my mind is gone; upside down
Co coo, co coo, twit, twit woo
Owl just get given bad names

They are like bats, with bad names 
Oh and bats do have bad names too
Unless they are like batman

Like grizzly bear "yelp",  teddy bear "sweet"
Like bat man hang on ceiling;
What's with that, and that about

What's with the tight suit, worn about
Face like that, set in mystery 
Every one has a secret to hide

Mostly not much, this much
You just don't have to know, that much
So winter comes and the birds are gone

I miss the birds
They sing so right, their colours so bright
But no not when they 
Do their dung on my shirt yelp!


  1. This made me laugh...reminded me of my father. I think the birds stay mad at him. They are always decorating his car :))

  2. This amde me laugh and reminded me of times that has happened.Great poem

  3. Enjoyed that - especially the last line. Great fun.

  4. very funny and witty one.
    Thanks for sharing..

  5. But then that's the part of game.. well done.. do visit for my 3WW.

  6. This is very visual! I like it!

  7. like listening to the songs of several birds at once! love it!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I love the second and third stanzas of this--the second following the sweet imagery you opened with, and then the third bringing in some reality many people aren't willing to put into words. Thanks for sharing this for the rally!


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