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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Afro King Lusty (Soul Brada)

Afro King Lusty,
Hair so high, highly densely..
The Amazon, trials in a distance..

Trimmed nice and tidy, silky..
Freely it gives, ways to  the combing..
Raking, running, through hairy..

Man on hills, saturday night fever ..
Disco shoes, colourful  suits..
Flower imprint shirt underneath ..

Chains on the nick,
Symbols of self belief..
Manifestation, fist on medallion  worn..

Brush off the shoulders, both sides..
A quick spin of twill, twice..
In mirror's reflection with swager..
A smooth touch of the hairy..

Now  music can be heard in the head..
Movement of the swagger..
Walk steps, stepping perfection synchronised..
With the music heard by the Soul brada..

Now for the stepping..
And a one, and a two..
And a , 1, 2, 1,2 ,1, 2,..

This is just groovy babe..
Just Groovy, havana grove ..
Tequila shot, samba vibes..
I am a Soul Broda!!! ..
Oh yea, yaapa dapa do!!..

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