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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Darda, In loving memory


Darda; Oh darda..
Not much is said of you these days..
By now you are only with fossil..
Beneath the sandy beach grounds..
Keta where  paradise, was once where you lived ...

Palm trees that stood on up high, in compounds..
Oh you were with grace, this for me was paradise..
Come to bear on post, in spots, on earth's domain..
Who if not but you, to be made the keeper of such realm..

I was too young to have memory of face..
Or is it that I have seen too much..
To remember, that far back..
But remember I do, with calmness in my heart..
Like a rain wash on volcanic eruptions..

And when I do and do I do, 
Of course I do of stories told...
About you in-front of the open fire..
I know, so dearly you are missed..
So dearly you are missed 

Sour hearts of many, spread like wild fire..
Desperate to be stopped in it's destruction..
But for who, that task is given to..
You were lost before setting sight..
On many of your grand children and after..

Longing to be awash
With songs, you sang..
You sang 

#Eh ame wu ga,
# eeeeh ame wu ga ..
#Oyo gbetor gbe tor 
#Oyo ga, ga me tor 
#Oyo gbetor,  gbetor  tor naye dey !!!!
#Ame wu ga lo hoooo
#Ame wu ga lo hoooo

And man is greater than wealth..
Than wealth surely 
Man is greater than wealth 

Oh Darda, Darda..
Not much is said of you these days..
By now you are only with fossil..
Beneath the sandy beach grounds..
In your graceful, restful place..

But for your love will be alive forever..
And when love sit in communion..
Your song is sang in memory..
And you become alive again 
In ascension Darda..


  1. and the basketfull of Yooyi...
    You sure are missed...

  2. Lovely poem for a memorial.

  3. love those smiles.

    bittersweet tribe.
    bless all.

  4. Wonderful tribute, Kodjo. I remember the sandy beaches of Keta so well.


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