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Monday, 24 May 2010


Can one feast on grape fruits in joy..
And with knowing, an allergy for citrus..
Have a like for pancakes..
And a distaste for eggs..
A fanatic of Italian, all things leather..
As a tantalizing vegetarian..

What of the banker with debt..
The priest with sin..
Santa claus on treadmill..

The green peace man on Harley Davidson..
A fish who rather be out of water..
A bird with vertigo, fearing flight..

Contradiction on spinning wheels..
Fear in the brave heart..
The squeamish vampire..
A thief with conscience..
What of lovers, with hate..

T' trumpeter told in secrets,..
Not  to whisper tales to another soul ..
It is meant to be her secret, to hold.. 

Give me your word as so, 
In promises made oath to honour 
To a third party, loyalty with a slippery tongue..

All in circles, recycling to be a rebirth of saints..
And he who stands without confusion..
Define explanation of the chaos theory, in abstract..


  1. The modern era like today allows all the contradictory things merge into one entity

  2. That is soooooo awesome nice work


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