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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Spinning Compass

What are my options?..
Accessing my progression, evaluating steps climbed..
Milestones; how long are my wing span..
Awaiting test results in anticipation..

Positions taken to take shots..
Aiming for the red dot..
On dot, dotted lines of elevation's post..
Postman to deliver targets templates..

And in a blink lost innocence,..
Blurry distortion of reality  
We all lived in grey without know..
Lost on journey's entanglement..

Why do I step in puddles..
Like the jesters muddle..
And wake the night, my brain to rattle..
Lamenting on transgressions puzzle..

The wise was only to be burnt once..
Is it still worth it on empathy so much tears..
When the victim becomes the perpetuator..
In some ways, transforming under moonlight..

Barking with the wolves, you barking mad..
How long should I be blind with visions..
To be turned obsolete by seeing eyes..
Any more makes one a fraud on sight..

On the roads of so much dust with grey 
I am blind, touching walls to walk 
I shake my compass, it stop with direction...
But says not with surety where to turn 

Dead weights are to be thrown off board..
Hangers on to loose grip on cord..
Energy is to be saved from shreds..
For this last mile will be by foot..

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  1. This is such a good description of the human journey.......great response to the prompt, Kodjo!

  2. We all try to find our way, don't we....with or without compass. I liked your response, Kodjo!

  3. But says not with surety where to turn...

    Sometimes we have to rely on what is inside of us.

  4. Really enjoyed this journey. Great ending and the analogy of wingspan, well done :-)

  5. I enjoyed the journey you took us on! The nautical imagery and the ideas that came with it~ I really like your view :D


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