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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My Name Is Timeless

If I should die
Think only this of me 
And for ever I will live 

Let me live past a hundred, two hundred..
No, a thousand more a' over will do ..
Let me live past Methuselah..

My bones I know in time will rot in brittle..
My skin will wrinkle like scales on trout..
And  for the tooth fairy, ..
My dignity intact she would be after..

My memory will be faint;..
A'd forgetfully insignificant,..
At times, it would seem to be..
So I rather live without my old casing..

Let me live past a hundred..
Two hundred a' more to infinity..
A' d forever made immortal to be..

Let me live on t' lips, of t' young a' old alike..
A'd  for every time I am in mention..
In deeds or name, in reference made..
As poet I do, for my name to be timeless 

Let me be alive again forever..
A thousand years after I am gone..
A'd my name in timeless made..
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