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Sunday, 16 May 2010

My Three Wishes

If I had but one wish..
Whispered in my ears by the ocean breeze..
To be used before the tied comes in...
I wish for love, oh I loved to sail off..
To new adventures of discovery..

Undiscovered worlds of quirkiness..
Wacky plants and animals unseen yet..
Landscapes hand drawn by mother nature..
Sunset horizon of beauty, only seen in paradise..
Birds with voices choirs from heaven..

If I had but one wish..
Whispered in my ears by the Irish leprechaun..
To be wished upon before the break of dawn...

I wish for wings to fly , to foreign lands..
To talk a language with foreign tongue..
To dress and eat  and dance in tribal ways..
To live a life of  tribal men, "with no tax burden"..

If I had but one wish..
Whispered in my ears by the ladybird..
To be used before the sun goes down..
I did wish, wish best of all..

That when I sit to write in dairy my quest..
Put to poem my adventures in stories..
My memory serves me well, what best..
In treasures, I gave to store in vaults..
If I had but One wish..
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