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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ghost town of men

Between the shadows of space, ..
Ghost towns occupied by man..
On mountains of high raise concrete lego's,...
Wishing dread was only but for sky scraper's vertigo..

The innocence of  the young and old,..
Robbed in broad daylights, in obscenity..
Nightmares in daylights reality unending ..
Repeating, on constant replays  

The night's darkness now so much hoped for..
A rest stop from the rain of debauchery  
Dreams are the only escape  granted  
For the tortured mind's witness ..

Fear is not for what is to come..
But for the acceptance of what surrounds..
How many around wear dead man's shoes..
Toddlers who have never seen, playgrounds sun days,..

Cockroaches made of men, while they shiver..
Slowly they crawl out from hiding..
To be rained on with more of the debauchery..
By invaders on mountain stand, snipping away ..

How could this be, the script of  man in the 21st century..
Last calender, they broke bread in celebrations..
As one married from the other's family..
Baby shower, and friendly tease of man with banter 

Planned the next festival of celebrations together..
But then came the darkness of clouds and nightmare misery 
Few spoke about the possibility, but never the gruesome  
Never this much pain, not for the selfishness of a few 

Fear is not for what is to come..
But the acceptance of what is now..
The erasing in memory of what was before..
For this is nightmare bizarre, invading sanity..

And the son of man, would have to wake sharpish ..
From complacence and in-deference  
Before the complete transformation of minds..
And those born before, hallucination's nightmares ..

Die out, extinct with the memory of before carnage.. 
And all hope of man, goes to the unnamed grave..
In the ghost town of men 
Of mountains of high raise buildings 

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