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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Sun Is Out

Earth yawns from awaken a new day..
Stretched limps to break spider’s web..
That neatly nettled a honey woven comb..
Around, my hydraulic joints..
Dragons of days before sleighed, put to past..
Leaving little resonant in fading memory..

My surrounding has changed..
In caterpillar to butterflies..
Gained some in the process..
Lost some in procedure..
Still hunted by a few old nemesis..

That is just a golden rule..
Even the Sun has its weakness..
And no man has lived a thousand years..
Too much grief that will be to carry..

Satisfaction is relative to greed..
Greedily sometimes the eyes..
Sees more than what the stomach..
Can bare to transform, in magic wands..

Content being in contention..
Rules are there for a reason..
Never that to be an iron cast..
Like I said, even the sun has its weakness..

Strangely the same indulgence..
Is felt yawning to hibernate, to rebirth..
While each serves as a passport, to and fro..
To worlds of drama, it beckons on hold..

I am to live a life, a century if I am lucky..
Then again, that depends on..
What fortunes holds in dice thrown..
I just opened my eyes, rebirth 
And the sun is out, awaken a new day, step one..


  1. Even the Sun has its weakness... this line speaks to me!

  2. Leaving the past behind is a rebirth in itself. Beautifully written.

  3. Beautifully written.Your words just glide away. :)

  4. Really beautiful, but I expected nothing less... I also like the idea that each morning is a rebirth. That stopped me in my tracks a bit! *smile*

  5. I loved even the sun has its weakness and the ending step one : )

  6. Great Job!
    I loved "even the Sun has its weakness"


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