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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Truth Be Told

Pleasantries for just that sake: "Hello, hello"..
Plastic rose flowers in flower beds cherished..
Slapped on mask, make-up to form identities..
Daylights to never see..
The true colours of rainbow..
Different faces of Marilyn Monroe..

Parish, priest, prayers in preaches of love..
Halleluja, yet with a heavy heart in toe..
He holds, he carries, darkness in secrets..
A burden, inside he perishes..

Idol icons wishing they really be true..
As seen in notions and it is an IT girl, icons..
Fame is a drug, of pretence..
Sentenced to act in life as another, in costoues..
In instance, keeping up appearances, persona..

Fantasies; once upon a time, in stories told..
And movies, our cherished indulgence, escape..
Truth is just but a word in poetry, reality..

The fact is never known to be..
What good is that to be..
Fairy tales are the norm to be..
Religion is still unexplained, blurred..

Villains painted as heroes...
In later years, white as snow..
In clear blue day, political science
One is the side only, that writes history..
Won written in chosen words..

Avalanche in ringer, ringer roses..
Plastic roses, hay fever, sneezes, at-issue..
From plastic roses, like a house of cards..
Building houses, cities on titanic plates..
Oblivious to the clear and present carnage..

Love declared, till death do us part, kiss kiss..
Best sign on dotted line, paper heading..
Prenuptial in agreements..
Frienemies to witness..

Pleasantries just for the sake of it..
Crocodile tears cried, on shakespearian acting..
For the death of a distance King;..
The King is dead, who will it be..
Elvis,Michael, The Pop or Caesar's, Kingdom..
Still unknown to me, distance to me..

Knowing a thousand more died..
While we break bread in laughter..
Sweat shops, primarks,..
BP Cheap and cheerful..
Would I want it any other way?...

Truth be told,..
To carry another man's cross..
Is to wear his crown of thorns..
And I in person, I am but just a man,..
With his own weights buckling..

And the good die young..
Or, saved by the bell..
Never to be caught inbetween..
A rock and a hard place..
Moral judgement blurred in question..

And I will ask no one..
No one, but the Kings private servant..
What he really was like,..
All bets off Paddy power to be kept out..
Behind closed doors, what was he like..

And even the strongest in moral..
Once said in doubt, with flesh as costume
"Father, father, why have you forsaken me "..

Pleasantries just for the sake of it..
Lets not you tell me, truly how things are..
When I ask , how things are..

For I am only human..
Indulgence and fantasies..
Are second in nature, an escape..
I was born with the original sin..
Pleasantries are just for the sake of it..

Truth be told,..
I am not saying I am good or bad...
Just caught in between a rock and a hard place..
Truth be told and they both have offers to delight..

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