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Monday, 3 May 2010

The West Bank (Just 4 jokes)

Gaza wall by Bansky 

Upon the arid, sand in the East  
On platform stage, where once set on earth 
Paradise, was first made mention of 
In promises made, look for the signs 

And said to be, the land premier 
In promises made, the promise land 
Yet where so much red, in waste so many 
Has seen, since been poured 

Was it for jokes, just for jokes 
For the gods need be 
Entertained by man..
And watch the death of an innocent child 

Then men alike, forgetting history 
Cast dice like fools, to gauge with greed  
On gamblers tables, black (death) or red (bleed)
Not to be outdone, in carnage set 

What be it for, in religions divide 
But for drama in tribal stands 
To add to the drama, of caricature holds 
Of once premier and call on prophets..

No, I am not of religion..
None for that sake, I can not be indulged..
And find my weight tilting on sides..
On any given ends, given on sight..

But for the child 
Whose red has poured..
I find my weight of thought 
Just so drawn, in heart felt passion..

If just for jokes, was it for jokes..
Surely by now, indeed by now 
Comedy has long, moved on 
And lost his spark, in promises made 

I guess in the heavens, time of man
Is just a tick, awaiting a tock..
And the light of day, has still to come..
Just for jokes, was it for jokes..
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  1. def some all too real questions...do the gods just play games to gamble....as we do with lives in our quest to feel better about ourselves...

  2. powerful lines here. just a tick awaiting the tock - love that. my heart goes out for the child pouring red, too. the rest of it is irrelevant.

  3. it would be a sad joke, isn't it? the death of an innocent child is always a tragedy.

  4. My heart out for the children too. I cannot remember any generation there, that has not have to live without bombs and war. Excellent write here and your poem reads smooth and paces well.


  5. A beautiful powerful write and my heart aches for the children pouring red; innocent lost lives are often just a joke for others. Sad.

    Anna :o]


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