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Friday, 28 May 2010

Opposite Attraction

From before t' seed broke t' earth’s back..
To look up t' heavens and worship t' sun..
Like a Greek god, on a saturday nights zeal..
Gravity was always going to have its way..

Why is t' innocent drawn to t' notoriety..
What have they got to offer..
If not tribulations and worries..
Ionising metals into rust..
Left mentally exhausted on roller coasters..

Few are with favour, I tell you..
They have got a reputation..
So have their fathers before them..
And there’s before them; 
“Reputation I say ”..

Did they sell their souls..
For t' price of seduction..
With irrational attraction..
Intoxicated are t' lady birds..
Falling into the hands of renegades..

Oh but opposite attracts, ..
As earth does t' sun with need..
And gravity, in grounded, was always going to..
Have a desire for flight..

That was what he was without..
Her pleasing affection ambience..
His food for soul, her warmth in thoughts..
In acknowledgement abundance..
He was t' final jigsaw to her puzzle..

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