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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Paper Weight

Paper weight..
This far, for rest to night..
Take a break, settle in,..
Shoes off, feet up,..
Just take a break..

Moving on..
Stops taken just to..
Adjust the weight..
Moving on..

Rest here, for the weaker ones..
This and that, actions..
Projecting sweats..
Just to cool me off..

In it for the long run, long term..
Run quick, come quick, be quick..
Make it known to the kinsmen..
We getting close to Rome’s gate..

Still home is back..
6,000 miles to add to it..
So just take a break..
Moving on..

Breaks, breaks here..
Just for the weaker ones..
Paper weight, take a break.. 
Moving on,

Choices set  here to be made now ..
On your feet boi, what now 
Will do, can do,what will it be now ..

More to be done now..
Or just take a break..
This far for rest tonight, paper weight 

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