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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Painted Canvas

From birth, 
I was born a child 
Unto empty canvas, painted..

Passed through elements 
Of the elementary..
In passage of tic toc..

Invested drill, 
Drill on drill into cervello..
Filling empty rooms of box head..

With affirmation 
Of enlightenment acquired..
In butter trade..

A fee plus my time..
For discovery plus your time..
Fair deal, teach me..

I am to be a farmer,..
Bought seeds to be sawn...
Sawn seeds to rejuvenate ...

That would be my harvest stock..
Painted on canvas, 
Is first coating, first of many..

A taste for cooked variety preferred 
Against raw, like raw meat..
That is from evolution..

Marks the journey 
Here in infant stages..
Some spices needed to give flavor..

Attest gained to be used as fuel..
To drive wagons through muddy fields..
On rocky roads of discovery..

A sailor is made king of  the seas..
But longs to see shorelines 
As  mark of voyage success..

Border lines of  crossing..
Picasso's crayon painting..
Nearing completion on canvas.

From birth I was born a child..
On empty canvas I inscribed..
A story in painting to become a man..

My worth in  standing
Is through what journey 
In passage paths I walk..

And my canvas
Stands with my own portrait  
This is my painted canvas 

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