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Friday, 14 May 2010

Oxeye Daisy In Flame's Roulette

The Sailor’s stories journeyed told..
Through rough seas to nights of stars..
To shores of sandy beaches..
But paradise was to be left on location..

Is it a trick or a treat..
Why London buses always turn up in pairs..
Which one to take, where to go..
Is paradise to be left on location?..

Why is the heart made of two sides, ..
When it can only be given to one..
A game of Russian roulette..
To decide forthwith on paradise and locations

Would paradise be left on location..
Picking petals of oxeye daisy..
To decide on fingers crossed true love..
She loves me, she loves me not..

Will paradise to be left on location..
A coin is tossed in the air, this day ..
A choice of paths to be taken on sight..
On flame’s roulette, on Russian roulette..

In premonitions, emotions, on stand-off ..
The soothsayer is asked could this day
Of days end with worth earned 
For paradise to make it home with me..
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