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Friday, 21 May 2010

What becomes of Greece..

What of  Greece, Athens and of Olympia.. 
Were gods not made of these land..
Philosophers and wiseman..
Alexandria's of Great ..

A millennia and two after in times spoken of 
And still as these names are mentioned..
Something of greatness in subtle tones..
Resonates, in reverberation from the land..

Like thunders echoes from afar..
Cast down by the gods with lighting 
In lion's roar on mountain stand ..
Setting birds off, on flight from trees..

So we know, they are still up there..
The gods, there in the heavens 
The gods are not asleep..
Just resting their eyes..

But they must as well be..
Greece burns as Rome once did..
While Hercules sets more lights..
On burning straws in protest..

And delegated elders 
Leaders of these lands..
Are to define their sense of being 
And what what purpose the stand 

Ceremonial supreme councils of emperors..
Just liking the name, for the name sake..
Like toothless lion in chi wa wa's coat..
Barking out against anarchies frustration..

The evil of man shall burn with the good..
Until no structure of their establishment ..
Stands in pomposity and build will start 
All over again from phoenix ashes..

This time it would be said..
No man shall withhold ..
Fortunes of the collective..
This time it would be different..

But is it not known to the wise...
That man's breath is the very..
Beginning of selfish withhold..
Not the structures burnt in rage..

What becomes of Greece's..
Sculptures, Gods, Philosophers..
Alexandria's, of once great civilisation..
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