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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Was She French

There I was captivated
Was she French, or sounded French..
Fresh, breeze that storms my realm..
To have seen her on sight..

But for her eyes, filled with life..
And for her hello, sounding bonjour..
In French I knew a word, or two ..
Oh yea, a word or two in French I knew..

Bonjour, hello-ha, sweet!..
And in Hawaii, I see us two..
This is aftermath, of first encounter..
While I am still stood, on first encounter..

But for her French, I day dream over, captivated..
Bonjour she said, Kethy the name is..
And  said in reply, I said wee, with a blur..
Was that French, I just spoke French!...

Was she French, or made in fragrance..
For in her fragrance, I was drenched over..
Oh la la, was she French!!  ..
There I was,  just lost in translation..


  1. Captivated and smitten, I'd say! Very sweet!

  2. My she does look stunning and...dangerous. I love the way your piece stumbles along, entranced, awkward, sure then unsure. What did it matter what language she spoke, you were not interested in what she had to say! Enjoyed the visit.


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