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Sunday, 9 May 2010

What became of George of Best

And for the best of us, the rest of us..
The best that came, best that be..
With treasures, few men did gain..
Had fortunes of, was ushered on..

And for the limelight..
Made gods among men like..
Crowned kings, chanted loud as lords..
Heroes deemed of us, the best that be..

But to have seen the light, the covenant arch..
What price to  pay, in pact made..
To be as not, a common man..
Curse for which fortunes, gained in life..
Who around is a friend or  a foe,  frienemies..

The brightest of light, turned darkened blue..
In it's seduction, what little resistance..
The worst that came, of the better best..
Until all what fortunes gained,  was lost in toe..

And in resolution, he said this best..
I spent a lot of money on booze, birds ..
More birds, birds and fast cars...
And for the rest I just squandered it best”..

What became of the George of best...
The best that is, best that be, ..
Best that was, the better best ..
What became of the George of best..

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