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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

First Sight

From when I first set sight on her..
I was moved, lost, found by her..
Still trying to hold on to I..
Me , I , myself , had a routine set..

Synchronised in weathers play acceptance..
This was the game plan agreed upon..
Planned to the little t, dot of perfection ..

I was just fine and dandy bare..
Chaos put to harmony in abstract meaning..
Locked in vaults, emotion is absent..
Fairy tales are for the innocent..
What a bore, that to I is an upset..

We, me I myself, had a routine set..
Me, myself, just fine in lightless of dusk..
In recital, " the heart is just an organ..
Religion is just a blur, still unknown
A' grey is just natural in colour"  ..
Me, myself, we had an understanding..
Dawn was an unneeded fuss..

Then a startle sight set on thee ..
Sent volcanic eruption, through emotion sterile..
Earth was as the beginning of time..
Doubt sent through fence of fortresses ..
Of untested affirmation..

Hearts transformed to that unknown..
Awaken taste buds on addictions indulgence..
All because I set sight on her..
A loving light, in brightness flare..

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