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Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Ocean Blue

Fossils turning into coal..
Sunken Victorian ships, beneath sea beds..
Voices of captains and of crew..
No longer heard in dodo's extinct..

What burdens of life and of drama..
Chaos with a flash back..
Of life gone past, just before tilting..
At the very edge of oblivion's breath..

Regrets and sorrow unresolved..
Grievances before voyage made void..
Hunger of t' seas to rest after feed ..
On consumption of souls..

Calmness of waves in melodic feeling ..
Camouflage the drama of before..
Now silence prevails, quite as a mouse..
And the sea is without sin..

Crunnies of corals tasked..
To cover up the covered up..
Like hidden funds in secret compartments..
In empty treasure chest..

The ocean growls at intruders..
Threatening to expose fossils hidden..
Any closer in peeping through locked doors..
And temperaments will be let loose..

This is the price demanded by Poseidon..
Before man was allowed to set foot..
On aqueduct paths of fundness in courtship..
Pandora's box is only with troubled secrets..

Today the ocean is calm..
And heaven and earth shares borders..
Like two love birds holding hands..
On a beach overlooking sunset blue..


  1. Beautiful poem... manifold in lessons... Vivid in my minds eye... "The Ocean Blue" -- a classic.

  2. Really poettic, mixing complexity with simplicity. Kudos


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