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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Battle For Souls

How many wars has been fought..
In t' name of  peace..
In t' name of peace, for peace be it..
A blood is poured ..
How many peace, has been lost..
In t' name of war...
How many more would come to be...

What difference in day lights, has been made ..
In t' corridors of, t' dancing guns....
Where bravado had his day in t sun..

And every war is a hell,..
In nightmare unending, in this realm..
For t' innocent one's tied in, ..
In vivid dreams of  reality now..

In t' name of war a' peace..
In this dance a son is lost, a life is lost..
A mother her soul, with hearts thorn..

And haunted are the scars..
For the hearts that lives on ..
In t' name of war a' peace..
In t' corridors of t' dancing guns..

For what was gained,..
In loosing hearts;..
No one came back the same ..
As man, after war..
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