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Monday, 10 May 2010

I Am A Travelling Man

I am a surfer..
Beneath the winds above the seas..
Land will not gravitate me 

I am a stroller...
On paths made, wrong turns 
And once destined, still persevering ..

I am an explorer..
Discovering new lights in darkened rooms..
New lights in lit rooms, as it were 

I am a swimmer..
In blue seas I dive deep to ocean's bed,..
In sight of coral blossom, I flourish..

I am a glider,..
Effortlessly with birds motion 
Eagle's eye, the breeze in toe 

My bird eye view 
Landscape beneath me 
I see in beauty adored..

I am a thinker..
My brain tic toc to announce pica poo
With feathered creatures popping out of boxes..

I am a seeker, Gulliver..
Of fortunes in wealth, happiness  
Freedom, joyous memories on roads I journey,..

I am a time traveler..
A travelling man, going through places..
Palaces of new and old discovery 

I am a time keeper 
The keeper of my time on this here earth 
Each time my passage pass..


  1. Reading this was like rolling along or strolling along. One line led nicely to another.

  2. enjoyed this read..my favorite lines - (thought i loved everyone of them)
    I am an explorer..
    Discovering new lights in darkened rooms..
    New lights still in lit rooms, as it were

  3. A beautifully written poem and it pretty much covers just about everything there is about traveling from one destination to another. So many great lines and so many thoughtful things said. Sometimes I try to hear your voice when I read them and this one I felt as if I could.

    Thank you for sharing this with us for Theme Thursday. May your travels always be down safe roads.

    God bless.


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