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Monday, 17 May 2010

Sunshine Bright In Sunny Days

Even though I don't see t' star lights..
I know I am not far from it..
Screens in sight are clouds..

Just past it, are stars in sunshine..
Hurricanes are only brief..
Paradise still remains long after..

The storm has had it's day on dance floors...
And to Caesar, what is his..
Mine still remains after tax paid..

Drama, gives party stories to tell..
Like do you know, back in the days I walked on..
What defines a man with stripes on his shoulders..

To have you sit up a' recognise this my presences..

Pick me up, is self belief to be acknowledged 
To walk in paths, I choose to explore..

Heroes are not made in dreams..
But it is the  dreamer 
Who chooses to manifest heroes  

A mother's pain threshold, goes up in labour..
Immune systems, gets updated in t' trenches..
Adaptation is t' secrets of evolution, evolving men..

Progression, to the finish lines ..
Are decided and defined by the runners.. 
Jeering and cheering, see past the crowd 

Even though I don't see star light..
Past the clouds in silver lining ..
The sun shines, bright on a sunny day..


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