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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Awaiting Answers

If you ask, where I have been, all these years..
'All these years where have you been'..
I will have to say, “Just around”..
For around is a summation more close ..
Closer to what , rounds, roads, I have walked on by..
Or maybe not..

I will have to look back..
Back through jukebox sets and select..
What songs from parrot vinyls..
For you I choose to play ..
Do you have to know, this, these or that..
Or may be not..

May be  judgement it is, you will cast on me..
Like clouds on confessions, faithful sundays..
May be down it is, you will look on me..
On scorched colours of kettle I hold..
Or maybe not..

This is an opportunity to re-write history..
Change positions of villains to heroes..
I could make the whole thing up..
Tell you tales, from my wildest imaginations..
After all, as it stands, you asked for it..
Or maybe not..

How about not saying anything at all..
I mean what is the point..
Nothing has it, to do with you..
You are being nosy, "you nosy cow"..
Sniffing to prey on my fortunes and strains..
Or maybe not..

Will you tell me yours..
Tell me about your adventures seen..
About magical gardens and time machines..
Or tell me how you lost a limp..
This could be why you asked to know..
My script of tales, to compare notes..
Or maybe not..

I know I will tell you..
Takes of my journey eventually..
But I can’t promise it did be without..
A little bit of cocked up palatable words..
Or may be not..

Not sure, you did ask really to know, 
About my blues, la di la di la 
Truthfully no one does, 
We've all got blues, 
What a bore to hear you say, la di la
Or maybe not..

Or maybe you will get a “Just around”..
For around, is just as good as any in words..
What words, I choose to tell ..
Or may be not.....who knows

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