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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Free Verse Rhyme

I am just fresh, fresh..
With my beans and pees, bananas..
Just fresh, freshly pressed, squeezed, oranges..
Lime,lemon, lemonade, limelight..

Flash lights, flashy looking..
Puzzling, dazzling display, dressed pressed..
Proceed to impress, pronounced as the best..
Best before time of the known..

Pace makers, setters, trend setters, discoveries..
Ditto, rewind for those that missed..
Missed, rewind, ditto, ditto...
I am just fresh, freshly squeeze..

I am the K . D..
Others , the baptist coming just to announce..
My presences, before me..
And I am the sunlight..
I am too bright..

Googles recommended, needed..
This is the flash light, stage light..
Stage set, for reign of man, in star light..

This is my domain, net gate..
My web page is connected..
Tweet to myspace , my-face..
Face-book, booked up next on stages set..

Stumble to delicious , I like..
The in town talked about..
Said to be the best, that is..
That ever came to be..
I am just fresh, freshly squeezed..

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