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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My Bonsai Tree

Wood land to trees
Loveliest of trees my bonsai tree..
It stands with strength in pride in sight..
It stands as Oak and Mahogany does..

It stands with strength yet vulnerable in care..
And in pots, it stands so high..
As one does, rooted in fields..

Calender of years it seen pass by..
Drama of time it bared in witness..
But say much, it says none at all..

And if it did say, like words to the ear
It did be the one..
Wise the most to have listened to..

Loveliest of trees my bonsai tree..
In my care, it stands in pride..
And for me the joy it gives..

In it's delicacy and in beauty ..
Loveliest of trees my bonsai tree..
And I shall cherish it, just so dear  
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  1. sweet slick write!

  2. musical flow, thanks.
    love the spirits.

  3. I really enjoyed this, I love bonzai beautiful writing

  4. Commenting has been made too difficult - forget it!!!!

  5. Written with love and pride for the bonsai tree !

  6. Beautiful! I love the tiny perfection of bonsai. You captured their magic so well.


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